Full BID Development

Experts in preparing towns, city centres and industrial estates for the development of their BID

From conception to birth, Partnerships for Better Business take you through the maze of stages to deliver an effective and efficient Business Improvement District

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are an increasingly important means to stimulating economic development and at pfbb UK we are experts in preparing towns, city centres and industrial estates for the BID vote.

Our Full BID Development programme walks you through the entire process of developing a viable and effective Business Improvement District, from conception to delivery of a final ballot process, and comprises several distinct stages.

In the early stages of a BID’s development, we are regularly called upon to conduct initial feasibility studies, designed to establish whether there is an appetite for a BID within your local area. These studies are conducted using nationally recognised auditing standards.

Throughout the BID business plan feasibility process, we ensure that it is completely in tune with the needs and wants of local businesses (enhancing the possibility of a positive ballot outcome), and provides critical support for – and integration with – overarching strategies and local development plans.

If the feasibility studies indicate an appetite for the delivery of a viable BID, the pfbb team will devise and deliver a complete delivery business plan (right down to supporting PR and social media input), leading you through the maze of legislation and best practice to the very point where a formal ballot can be held.

Colwyn BID Launch

Be assured… we can work with you to develop the whole project or to provide specific support at any stage of the development process. Once a BID has been voted for we can then support you with bespoke services or full project delivery of your plan throughout the lifetime of your BID. The choice is yours.