BID Strategic & Operational Support

Partial assistance or total management; pfbb can offer just the right level of support your BID needs

Complete BID Management

Where BIDs require complete support, pfbb can provide a full BID Management service reporting directly to the BID Board.

This approach means that you hit the ground running with pfbb UK taking full responsibility for the recruitment and employment of the BID staff and using pfbb UK’s highly developed systems and procedures for an operational BID with fully developed IT protocols and secure cloud based servers for administration.

As the BID Project Manager is employed and line managed by pfbb UK they benefit from our extensive experience  and are part of a wider BID operations team.

Strategic & Operational Support

Where BIDs employ their own BID Project Manager, pfbb UK provides retained technical and strategic support and form an integral part of your management and project delivery team providing direct support (including action planning, best practice, systems, procedures and templates) to the BID Project Manager and their team and strategic guidance to the Board. This provides a real boost to new BID Managers who benefit from hands-on experience working alongside them to prioritise activity to generate results effectively and efficiently. This service is a particularly cost effective approach for small and medium BIDs who want to benefit from a more strategic and experienced operational management input.