We provide support in bringing together your local authority with forums, groups, partnerships and BIDs to create the capacity, governance, buy-in and coordination needed to deliver the strategies for your town or city centre or the town or city as a whole.

You will benefit from a clarity gained by everyone involved about their role and their ability to have a say and play a part in shaping the place where they live, work and invest.

We will map out the existing structures, partnerships and forums, reviewing representation and governance arrangements, to provide confidence in providing capacity and effective, coordinated delivery of projects. Effective partnership structures will ultimately save money and optimise return on investment.

We offer on-going support and advice to ensure that the frameworks are able to cope with the unexpected as well as the planned.


pfbb UK provides a structured approach to translating town and city centre Masterplans into Place Management Delivery Plans, taking account of all other related strategies. Based upon the recognised IPM’s 4 R’s Framework and their 25 Vitality and Viability factors, we relate all the local issues, developments and opportunities from the masterplan to create a Place Management Framework.

The Place Management Framework takes account of other strategies associated with the place itself, including transport infra-structure, the culture and leisure strategies, retail studies and environmental strategies. We identify any possible contradictions between the different strategies and those elements which complement each other and identify priorities and dependencies for delivery.

The Place Management Framework is used to inform the development of the Place Management Delivery Plan. The Delivery Plan is broken down into priorities and schemes of work for all key partners to ultimately play their part in delivery.


Effective delivery of the Place Management Delivery Plan relies on a collective buy-in of all key stakeholders to the aims and aspirations of the plan, building upon the consultation which took place as part of the masterplan development.

Using the Place Management framework, we engage with key stakeholder groups and individuals through seminars, workshops and interviews to understand their concerns and aspirations for the town or city centre and their businesses and organisations.

We collate, review and structure the qualitative feedback and quantitative data collected from this work which will be used to inform the Delivery Plan. Genuine and thorough consultation means that all key stakeholders gain confidence, understanding and a sense of collective ownership of the Delivery Plan as it reflects their needs and aspirations.

If required we can provide on-going support to ensure that as the Delivery Plan is implemented benefits are realised, emerging opportunities are capitalised upon and challenges are understood and either resolved or plans adjusted accordingly.


Business Improvement Districts have the potential to play a key role in the delivery of Place Management Plans.

They bring key stakeholders together on a day-to-day basis. They are involved in projects which range from operational practical environmental initiatives such as bringing flowers to the streets, to supporting small and start-up businesses in providing shared office space.

BIDs often have the plans, structures and governance to provide confidence in the delivery of projects which have a positive impact upon the perception and the economic vitality and viability of the place where they operate.

Using the Place Management Framework we work with BIDs and local authorities to support them in making the most of the Business Improvement based in their town or city, in the delivery of the Place Management Plan.