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pfbb UK is one of the largest independent consultancies in the UK which specialises in the development and delivery of BIDs and place management strategies

We support local authorities and businesses in generating significant returns on investment by developing and implementing effective BID’s in their area. This is achieved through a comprehensive understanding of local government and cross-sector partnerships both in theory and in practice.

pfbb UK has proven results in the successful delivery of BID ballots and the project management of BID business plans in city centre and industrial estate environments.

pfbb UK’s unique delivery experience means we have a distinct advantage over other consultants as we have first-hand experience in the operational challenges, pitfalls and opportunities of new and established BIDs.

pfbb UK is a member of the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM), a not for profit organisation committed to making sure town and city centres reach their full potential, and holds a seat on the Advisory Council to the ATCM Board.

Our clients choose us and continue to work with us on a wide range of BID-related issues because we:

  • Are experienced at working closely with both the private and public sector. This enables us to make sense of dynamic environments and encourage mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and businesses, all with the aim of delivering the best outcome for all.
  • Empower our clients by providing them with the mechanisms and frameworks they need to deliver the best results possible. We do not provide off-the-shelf solutions – we work with you to develop bespoke and the most appropriate course of action for your situation.
  • Listen, anticipate and work closely with your team to deliver the results you need. We work with you to understand and achieve your immediate, short and medium term requirements and longer term ambitions.
  • Are leading experts in BID regulation and best practice and we share this expertise with our clients, to ensure your BID thrives.
  • We are members of the Institute for Place Management.