Commercial BID

Bracknell, Berkshire

Bracknell achieved YES vote and became operational from April 2020

For more than 30 years, IT, communications and electronics companies had been drawn to Bracknell for its close proximity to London, great infrastructure and lower cost office space than that in the capital. With working practises changing rapidly and the once easy ride down the motorway became a crawl of congested traffic, access to the client and customer has proved more difficult therefore causing a problem for workers and visitors to the estate alike.

Bracknell BID steering group approached pfbb UK to co-ordinate a review in 2017 of earlier work on a feasibility study. This lead to pfbb then being awarded the contract to develop the BID proposal and business plan to ensure that the Bracknell is to be recognised as the place where businesses develop and grow through collaboration and investment.

The key challenges to business were identified as transport and access to, from and around the area and attracting and retaining businesses and skilled personnel to the area With two main objectives in mind the BID will become operational in April 2020 and start to implement changes to infrastructure, communications and the working environment to benefit all.

pfbb UK was awarded the set-up and contract management for the BID and over-all operation of the £650 p.a. BID supporting key businesses such as Fujitsu, Waitrose and 3M. The BID started its operation on 1st April 2020 one week after COVID lockdown started. This was a challenging time for businesses and the BID focussed its support on doing what it could to provide up to date relevant information and support during the COVID situation and re-evaluate priorities within the framework of the BID plan.


“The Bracknell BID Team enjoy a strong working relationship with pfbb and as a result, benefit from a high level of support.  We have been working with pfbb leading up to Ballot (October 2019) and are currently working with Ian Ferguson and the wider Team to prepare for go live in April 2020.

The pfbb Team have shared their expertise, provided strong guidance and work very collaboratively with the Bracknell Team – working relationships are strong and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with pfbb as we move to delivery of our Business Plan.

Pfbb are our supplier of choice and provide exceptional value with lots of goodwill support.  Thank you to Ian and the Team and we look forward to a long term relationship for the benefit of the Bracknell business community.”

Maria Sabey

Chair of Bracknell BID Board