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Sales Monitor and Retail Footfall Analysis Service

This service provides local retail businesses, local authorities, town and city centre partnerships and managers with a weekly report on retail sales across their town or city centre with other data which is available on factors such as footfall, car park and bus usage. The data available on factors other than sales varies from place to place. pfbb UK provides the initial set-up service which brings all the different available data sets together.

In return for submitting weekly sales performance, each participant receives a weekly schedule of sales performance by category for the current week and the percentage increase on the equivalent week a year earlier

pfbb UK collates the various data on  weekly basis, analyses it, interprets the information and provides a weekly commentary and assessments of specific events and trends.

Our retail footfall analysis service has been operating for over five years providing individual town and city centre retail businesses with valuable comparisons of their own performance to that of the town or city as a whole. It also provides valuable data to measure the effectiveness and economic impact of key intiatives and events in the city centre informing strategic decison makers in the regeneration and development of town and city centres.

The scheme can be managed for retail or leisure premises, throughout the day or evening economy.